Jun 072011

Anyone who uses Facebook knows that their ‚friends‘ aren’t permanent. In an instant you can make new friends, or lose your oldest buddy. Life is always changing. But someone must have forgotten to tell this idiot. He thought it was a good idea to permanently tattoo all 152 profile pictures of his Facebook friends. By the time he finished half of his friends had probably changed their profile pictures. The video is featured on Buzzfeed.



UPDATE: Apparently it’s fake. No shock here.

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Jun 052011

Make sure you know how to use the proper privacy functions when you use Facebook, especially if you are throwing a party and post the event online. Tessa accidently did just that. She posted her birthday party on Facebook , but made it public without realizing it. In just a few hours 15,000 people RSVPed. 1,400 strangers actually showed up and flooded the streets. Read more on TheDailyWhat.


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Mai 152011

There have been plenty of spoofs of the famous social network, Facebook, in real life before.  give the parody a shot and have two interviewers go around asking people annoying questions that Facebook asks you. If you wouldn’t give your personal, private information to a stranger, why would you give it to Facebook? Good question…


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Mrz 192011

Natesh was home when three masked intruders broke in. They didn’t see him run to the attic. He only had his laptop, so he posted in Facebook for help. His friends replied and called 911. When will you be able to ‚call‘ 911 from your computer already? It’s 2011.

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Mrz 102011

If you’ve watched even one episode of the original Star Trek, you know that Spock spends most his time looking down the scope on his station. It was put there, because in the 60’s they tried to make a space ship that would be like a real ship. They figured since submarines have scopes that the crew looks in for information and navigation, so should the Enterprise. Hey, it was the 60’s.

So what was Spock looking at the whole time? Dang it, he was slacking off, checking his Facebook. That’s right, they have Facebook in Star Trek. It’s the future!

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