Mrz 042014
Arnold Schwarzenegger Guest Stars On Epic Meal Time

This new episode of Epic Meal Time is going extra viral with a celebrity boost viral from the one and only Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Host and avid bacon lover Harley Morenstein, Arnold, and the usual EMT crew make a giant, protein-packed steak, bacon, cheese, and ostrich egg sandwich next to the Schwarzenegger tank. 

Arnold made the special appearance in support of charity


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Aug 232013

Back in April, MisterEpicMann exploded onto the viral video scene with their highly entertaining How Animals Eat Their Food video. The parody clip now stands with over 80 million hits! Quite impressive. 

Finally, the original crew has returned with a much anticipated part 2. For the cherry on top, the sequel is packed full of popular YouTube guest stars, such as Rhett and Link, Harley of Epic Meal Time, Jack Vale, and more. 


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Jul 252013

It’s nearly impossible to find someone online who isn’t familiar with the extreme food antics of YouTube’s ultra popular Epic Meal Time.

Who hasn’t seen at least one episode of Morenstein, Muscles, and the rest of the Canadian gang shoving fastfood-alcohol-bacon infused monstrosities into their faces. 

That makes the show a perfect specimen for the The Fine Brothers to introduce to their Elders React cast of seniors as a part of their extended React series. Naturally, the seniors are horrified as their should be, yet they can’t look away. 

„Almost lose your appetite watching this stuff,“ commented one man. 

„They are really sick,“ said someone’s grandmother.  

„Whoa! That’s a little disturbing,“ commented another woman. 

But in the end, many agree they too love bacon. 


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Mai 162013

Jesse Heiman is best known in Hollywood as the world’s greatest extra. He’s extra-ed in countless feature films, all while under radar. 

More recently, he and Bar Refaeli kissed in a GoDaddy SuperBowl ad that went viral across the web, garnering tens of millions of views. 

Now, Jesse is traveling even deeper into the world of the web.

YouTube and Star Count teamed up to with Jesse and 15 famous YouTubers to promote the new Social Star awards in Singapore at the end of the month with this hilarious video.

Famous faces, like Freddie WDeStormLindsey Stirling, and more, all help Jesse change his digital life from online loser to viral video star with a cliche 1980’s Hollywood style montage.


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Jan 232013

Now that gluttonous junk food favorite Epic Meal Time has climbed the YouTube ladder to the near top, the Canadian crew has spotlight power once unimaginable. 

Case in point, British celebrity health food chef Jamie Oliver has been featured in their latest episode, which is appropriately titled Fish and Chips Filet.

Naturally, the Canadians kidnap their cousin from across the pond and force him to sit idly by while they create the most epic fast food fish sandwich ever, made up from fifty Filet-o-Fishes and, of course, tons of fries and bacon. 


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