Mai 162014
Dancing Ambulance Driver Will Make You Smile

Being an EMT is physically and emotionally exhausting. You see terrible things that are impossible to forget. If you don’t find a way to be happy, the job can quickly drain your spirit. This one ambulance driver has no problem with that. He knows how to separate himself from the dramas of his job and enjoy life. When his song comes on on the radio he can’t help but crank up the music and dance!


Via 22Words

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Mai 052013

A serious car crash took place on the Norwegian mountain roads, so it was nearly impossible to get a qualified EMT there to help in time. Luckily, officials in Norway sent a chopper to taxi a doctor to the crash scene. 

In an impressive move, the helicopter pilot literally landed on the guardrail on the side of the road for long enough for the EMT to disembark.

The video description roughly translates to, „You thought parallel parking was difficult – see how helicopter pilot maneuvered into place.“

Now, the week old video has gone viral, amassing over 900,000 views so far


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Jan 232013

Now that gluttonous junk food favorite Epic Meal Time has climbed the YouTube ladder to the near top, the Canadian crew has spotlight power once unimaginable. 

Case in point, British celebrity health food chef Jamie Oliver has been featured in their latest episode, which is appropriately titled Fish and Chips Filet.

Naturally, the Canadians kidnap their cousin from across the pond and force him to sit idly by while they create the most epic fast food fish sandwich ever, made up from fifty Filet-o-Fishes and, of course, tons of fries and bacon. 


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Apr 032012

Extra big and fluffy Internet famous comedian Gabriel Iglesias made a special visit to the crazy boys at Epic Meal Time for their latest fastfood cake episode. As expected, it’s full of bacon, excessive calories, and lots of cake. 


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Feb 232012

 is a regular at the Occupy movement and was heading to a regular weekly meeting when his wife announched she was going into labor. The baby came so fast, she was born in the cab just as they left for the hospital. Mom even exclaims, „I thought I had to poop, and then there was the head!“

After the baby was born, dad took out his camera and started to record. The brand new video is already featured on Gawker, MPViral, NBCNewYork, and BarStoolSportsNYC


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