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YouTube Magician Gives Homeless Man Winning Lottery Ticket

YouTube magician Rahat makes a living by pulling gags and pranking people, and decided it was finally time to do a little charity.

He found a homeless man and instead of giving him a few bucks, gave him a winning lotto ticket. It actually wasn’t a winner, but the gas station clerk was in on the kind deed. 

When they arrived at the gas station, the clerk gave the needy man $1,000 for the ‚winning‘ ticket.

Rahat obviously chose a worth recipient, because after being given the cash the homeless man immediately offered to share it with him.

Once the shock wore off he broke down in tears. 

„I’ve been doing this for a long time, and never had a friend do what you just did back there.“


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If This 98 Woman Can Help Her Neighbor, So Can You

This touching human interest story by I Like Giving–a campaign for a generous world–has gone viral with over 165,000 views.

The video, titled I Like Being 98, features Evelyn who lives in a retirement community. Though she can’t do everything she used to, she does her best to help her neighbor Joyce. 

„We hope you and your friends will be as inspired as we are.“


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Girl Adorably Goes Through A Slew Of Emotions On First Roller Coaster Ride With Dad

Talk about an emotional roller coaster!

Myles Weissleder took his young daughter Summer on her first roller coaster ride, and the little kid went through a slew of emotions. 

First she was scared, fearful, and sad. But that quickly changed to happy laughter and smiles. Finally, when the ride was over, she crossed her arms in disappointment.  


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What This Boy Did After Finding $20 Will Leave You Misty Eyed

Steve Hartman of the CBS Evening News brings us this touching story.

Eight year old Myles Eckert was very excited when he walked into the Cracker Barrel with his family for lunch. He had just found a $20 bill in the parking lot.

But instead of buying a video game or candy, Myles decided to give his new found treasure away to a soldier he saw in the restaurant. 

Lt. Col. Frank Dailey will never forget the note that came with the cash.

„I look at it every day,“ Dailey says.


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Feb 282014
The Reason Why This 64 Year Old Man Walks Across America Will Make You Misty Eyed

 brings this human interest story by Cyrus Sutton about Steve Fugate

After losing both his son and his daughter at the age of 50 years old, Steve left his successful car businesses behind to walk across America to raise awareness for depression and remind people to be happy. 

Now he’s 64 and has walked over 34,000 miles. He hauls a small cart of his belongings across the highway that holds up a sign that reads „LOVE LIFE.“

„I’m driven by not wanting others to go through pain. Not wanting other young people do what my little boy did. Not wanting other parents to go through the horror I went through. I’m motivated, man, I’m driven.“

He calls what he does „Trail Therapy.“ 

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