Nov 302014
World’s Simplest Electric Train Is Just A Magnet And Copper Wire

Toy trains don’t have to be complicated. Science channel Amazing Science demonstrates how to make a toy ‚train‘ using just a copper wire as a track, and a battery connected with two magnets as the train engine. The battery powered magnet surges forward when put inside the spun copper wire just like a real train. Science! This would honestly make for a great toy. Someone needs to prepackage the kit and get it in stores. 


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Nov 022013
Electrical Power Line Fireball In Lachine, Montreal

NSFW Language Warning

This short video by Huw Griffiths has gone viral after being featured on Reddit

During a windy night, a power-line issue occurred, causing a giant electrical fireball to travel down the lines and explode!

Never has swearing been more appropriate. 

Electrical engineer BeesKnees21 explains that the fireball is actually „a high impedance electrical arcing fault. They can start because of tree branches or animals or lightning strikes or anything that can bridge two phases or a phase and ground. The air becomes ionized and no longer acts as an insulator but a conductor.“


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Okt 242013
Musical Tesla Coil Performs ‘Sail’ By Awolnation

The web has heard Tesla coils perform music in the past, and have even enjoyed Tesla coil light shows.

But that doesn’t make this video of a Tesla coil performing Sail by Awolnation any less cool!

This musical Tesla coil was made by electricity obsessed High Voltage Feathers who stole the show over the summer at the Maker Faire in Kansas City.

His video has only gone viral now after appearing on Reddit


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Mrz 112013

Over the weekend, this video posted by Angus Fowles exploded, garnering over two million views. Five daring friends were playing outside by an electric fence when one decided to conduct an experiment. 

While standing on a chair he grabbed the fence. As most people know from 6th grade science class, nothing happened as he wasn’t touching the ground. He and his friends then made a human chain, all while standing on objects as to not be grounded. 

Finally, the last friend held the hand of the last of the chain, only he wasn’t standing on anything. 

Naturally, the electric fence experiment ends as expected.


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Nov 052012

Two men performed an out of this world Tesla coil show at the Belfast Festival at Queen’s that took place over the weekend.

Wearing special suits to survive the outstanding electrical power, the two men stood on top of Tesla coils and somehow manipulated and controlled the bolts of electricity in front of a ’shocked‘ audience.  caught the amazing act on camera, and now the footage is starting to trend. 


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