Dec 022013
The Math Of Connect Four Explained

Connect Four may seem like a children’s game, but it really is packed full of math.

Numberphile explains in this new video that if you start in the center column, and don’t make any mistakes, you are mathematically guaranteed to win.

Conversely, if you start in the four outer most columns, and your opponent is a perfect player, you are guaranteed to lose. 


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Dec 012013
3D Printing Change Everything

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding 3D printing, but what exactly is it asks AsapSCIENCE

3D printing works in the same way a computer printer prints an ultra thin layer of ink on a page to form text. Except a 3D printer can print multiple layers of plastics and even metals to form three dimensional objects. 

Generic mass produced objects may soon be a concept of the past. 

One dad even printed a prosthetic arm for his son. 

In the future, the 3D printer may very well be looked at as the first real replicator made famous from Star Trek. 

GE 3D printer blog


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Nov 302013
The Door To Hell

The Door To Hell‘ may sound like a science fiction-horror movie, but it’s not. It is a real place in Turkmenistan.

Hank Green of SciShow explains that in the 1970′s, Soviet scientists found an amazing depot of natural gas, but while attempting to retrieve it accidentally caused the ground to collapse.

The scientists realized it would be better to set the now free methane on fire than let the dangerous, combustible gas vent into the environment. 

They thought the gas would be burn up in a few weeks, but 42 years later the crater is still burning. 


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Nov 282013
Why Are Bad Words Bad

What makes a bad word bad exactly? 

Vsauce explains that even the word ‘bad’ itself was considered an inappropriate word in old English. 

Michael delves deep into the etymology of derogatory sayings and words in this latest video


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Nov 272013
25 Little Known Facts About Thanksgiving

Did  you know the Pilgrims didn’t even dress as they are presented in nearly every school play and cartoon? Buckles didn’t become fashionable until the 18th century, so naturally, they didn’t wear those iconic black buckle hats. 

Super nerd John Green of Mental Floss explains this and 24 other little known facts about Thanksgiving just in time for Turkey Day


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