Sep 132016
What Auctioneers Are Really Saying

Auctions can be an exciting event, even if you aren’t buying anything. But most of us can’t understand a word the auctioneer is saying. They purposefully speak at a very fast-pace to keep the momentum and excitement of the auction going.

Finally, Barry Baker of Ohio Real Estate Auctions breaks down and explains what professional auctioneers are actually saying. 


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Sep 022016
You Don’t Really Need 8 Glasses Of Water A Day

There are a lot of facts that it seems everyone knows that are actually fallacies. Like the ‚fact‘ that you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day. That’s completely wrong. Adam from College Humor explains the truth in this trending clip. 


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Sep 012016
The Simple Solution To Traffic

Everyone hates traffic. It’s one of the worst parts about living in a big city. There are few things that can be as enraging as getting stuck in traffic when you’re late. Thankfully, CGP Grey explains the simple solution for traffic. 


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Aug 292016
Mountain Dew Rots Your Teeth More Than Coca-Cola

For years, Coca Cola has had a bad name as a sugary drink responsible for weight gain and even bad teeth. But there’s another soda on the market that is surprisingly much worse for your teeth, explains Tom Scott

It’s Mountain Dew.


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Aug 272016
Why You Shouldn’t Drive Slowly In The Left Lane

Every veteran driver knows to cruise in the right lane and use the left lane only for passing or to allow merging vehicles in. But for some reason, countless people received a driver’s license without learning this important fact. 

Vox explains why it’s not just some silly rule and is a very important for highway safety.


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