Nov 142015
Man Claims UPS Sold His Motor

Today, we take it for granted that we can order and send packages around the country and the world with ease. But every now and then, a problem occurs during shipping. It can be a terrible experience, especially when the product is something unique and expense. Rob Dahm’s motor was lost in shipping by UPS, but somehow it ended up on Ebay. He retells the entire story in this viral video


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Dez 312012

Parenting definitely has its pains and difficulties, but it also comes with a few perks. Like the right to torture your rambunctious kids into thinking they royally screwed up after messing around on your Ebay account. 

Paula Papen’s 8 year old son was playing with her iPad and accidentally almost bid on a $50,000 Ford Mustang. Just a little more than his allowance could afford.

Mom immediately knew the bid didn’t go through, but she didn’t want to lose her chance to scare her baby a little to teach him a lesson. 


Some think her prank went too far, while others love it! What do you think?


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Okt 182012

The Internet has become a place where magical coincidences of fortune are beautifully common, and even better, are always shared events. 

The latest story comes from Ed Church and the number bid site in the world, . Back in Montana–and most everywhere else in the Countryland–getting your first Harley-Davidson was a big deal. A coming of age. 

Sadly, after thirteen grand years of riding, Ed sold his bike for family reasons. He always regretted that sale. 

But one day, while surfing Ebay, there it impossibly was. Right there on the screen. All the specs checked out.

But he lost the bid! All seemed wrong, until ever more impossibly, the bike appeared again for sale. On his second chance, Ed spared no expense and was reunited with his long lost metal friend

Now, The Ebay story has gone viral, and the new video has over 100,000 hits


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Jun 152012

This video originally published by  in 2011 has only gone viral now after being featured on Reddit. While browsing eBay, he stumbled upon a very unique post for what looks like a DVD.

But to avoid any confusion of what’s for sale, the seller added a very loud and stern audio recording of himself screaming, „STOP! This is not a DVD! This is not a DVD!“


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