Sep 282013
‘Dumb Ways To Die’ GTA V Parody

Back in 2012, the Australian Metro went viral with their cutesy music video, Dumb Ways To Die. 

Naturally, countless spoofs and parodies emerged. 

Now, with the current obsession of Grand Theft Auto, gamer obsessed brysi has brought the trend back and made this humorous GTA V-themed Dumb Way To Die spoof music video that is trending. 


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Dez 072012

It’s happening again. Another web music video is quietly becoming the next big thing.

The Australian Metro originally went viralviral with their cutesy Dumb Way To Die animated music video PSA. Now, the parodies and spoofs are beginning to pour in

Megasteakman is the latest to spoof the song, this time, with a video game twist. Namely, Dumb Ways to Die in Video GamesAlready, the new video is featured on Kotaku, NowMSNWebProNews, and StuffIStole.


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