Apr 252016
Guy Runs Straight Into Gas Station Glass Door

The ‚run into a glass wall‘ gag is a classic usually only found in cartoons and silly movies. But one apparently drunk man brought it to life at a gas station. He ran full speed right into the glass door. Ouch!

This older video from 2013 has only gone viral now after appearing on YouTube’s trending list.  


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Okt 072015
Drunk Guy Demanding Mac And Cheese Gets Arrested

Ahh, college, a time for underage kids to guzzle alcohol and get in trouble. This UConn student wasn’t looking for any trouble. He just wanted some jalapeno mac and cheese. But when the manager gave him the bad news, he became quite irate and was eventually arrested for disturbing the peace. Now, this crazy clip has gone viral with over 1.75 million hits!


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Sep 102015
Drunk Couple Adorably Retell Their History

It was only last Sunday when Justin and Jill Willman got married. Congratulations! Realizing that during the big day they would probably be asked by nearly every guest ‚So, how did you two meet?,‘ they decided to make a short video telling the story. In a brilliant move, they decided to knock a few drinks back before starting. Now, their hilarious drunk love story has gone viral with over one million hits!


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Aug 282015
Adults Get Drunk For The First Time

Most young adults go drinking with friends on their 21st birthday. It’s basically a right of passage in America, even if it is kinda silly. For that reason, it’s actually quite rare to find a young adult who has never been drunk before. Somehow, BuzzFeed found a group of young adults in their early 20’s who had never been drunk before and decided to document their first binge drinking session


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Aug 182015
Dave Grohl Invited A Drunk Crying Guy On Stage During Foo Fighters Concert

Lead rocker Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters is famous for being an all around awesome guy. But now the Internet is really in love with him. Even after hurting his foot, he continued on this summer tour. During the concert in Englewood, Colorado on Sunday, Dave noticed a drunk guy crying during My Hero. So he invited him on stage to sing with him in front of everyone.

This awesome video is guaranteed to make you smile and has gone viral with over 900,000 hits!


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