Mar 172014
Twins Lip Sync Frozen’s Love Is An Open Door While Going For A Drive

Remember the adorable couple who went viral singing Frozen‘s less popular song Love Is An Open Door? That original video stands with over 5.5 million views!

After watching the cute viral video, Josh Goldfarb and his twin brother were inspired to make a similar performance of their own. Instead of their daughter, they mom sat in the backseat with a stern look on her face. 


Via TastefullyOffensive

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Sep 262013
Singing ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’ In Highway Traffic

TJ Smith posted this ‘highway singalong‘ back in the summer, but it has only started to trend now. 

While driving through LA’s infamously terrible traffic, TJ brought smiles to commuters faces by blasting the upbeat classic Build Me Up Buttercup and getting others to sing as well. It’s rare to see such comradery on the highway, let alone in miserable traffic. 


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Jun 052013

As any half decent online viewer knows, Russia is one of the best sources for unbelievable dash-cam videos online with Eastern Europe coming in as a close second.

Russian dash camera specialist 1nikol111 traversed through countless videos to create this compilation of amazing, and truly unbelievable close calls on the Russian road. The viral video now stands with over 1.5 million views


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Apr 202013

Remember the Will Sasso lemon video that went viralviral a month ago? One of his fans compiled multiple ongoing clips from his vine account into one hilarious video that now stands with over two million views

Now, YouTuber Fire Red Naxela is trending after publishing yet another Will Sasso Vine compilation. This time, viewers watch from Sasso’s perspective as he drives around town imitating Arnold Schwarzenegger… driving around town. 


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