Feb 222012

Two new children’s films are set to debut this year, both based on famous books. The Lorax, based on the book by Dr. Suess and The Secret World Of Arriett, based on the Borrowers by Mary Norton. 

 brings us this Fox News clip featuring their new host who just recently left CNN for being too conservative, Lou Dobbs. Naturally, Dobbs fits right in at Fox and is mortified that Hollywood is brainwashing our kids with these liberal indoctrinating movies. Of course, he leaves out the fact that the very famous and successful books the films are based on held those values originally. 


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Jan 082012

Burning Man has grown over the years from a small get-together to a world wide event. People travel from around the world for the almost magical, Woodstock-esque style festival. To give non-goers a taste of the experience,  created this version of Dr. Suess‘ Oh, The Place You’ll Go with a Burning Man Twist.


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