Dez 212011

The Internet is cheering the Navy for allowing two women to partake in the traditional ‚first kiss‘ after returning to port in Virginia Beach. Petty Officer 2nd Class Marissa Gaeta won a raffle to have the first kiss with her significant other, and she just happens to be an open lesbian. Now that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has been repealed many more firsts are sure to come. 




Update: The story was covered by CNN.


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Sep 202011

Now that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has officially been revoked, gay and lesbian soldiers can finally serve their country honorably and openly.  finally gathered the courage to come out to his dad. It’s a little hard to hear, so turn up the volume.  




Update 9/21: ABC news covers the viral video.


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Jan 302011

General James F. Amos and Sergeant Major Carlton W. Kent deliver a message to all marines concerning the new repeal of the 1990’s law, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. They express that they have no doubt marines will continue to respect one another and stand up for the constitution of the United States.

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Jan 112011

The religious right won’t give up blaming anything and everything on gay people. Apparently god is upset with the Pentagon’s decisions. Homosexuality is a sin so god is killing birds and fish. What about eating shell fish? That’s also a sin in the bible. Could god be punishing America for all those Long John Silvers and Red Lobsters? Maybe. It couldn’t be people using dangerous pesticides or pollution…

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