Nov 272015
Man And Dolphin Have Spitting War

Swimming with the dolphins is a common activity for tourists and vacationers who travel to warmer climates. While visiting an island near Nassau, Scottwrk47 and their family did just that. But when going in for a kiss, one dolphin spit at John. He responded in the only thing he could think of, and spit right back. Soon, the two were in a playful spitting war. This cute clip has instantly gone viral with over 750,000 views!


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Nov 042013
Super-Pod Of Dolphins In Strait Of Georgia Off Coast Of Vancouver, Canada

While travelling on a British Columbia ferry to Vancouver, Canada through the Strait of Georgia, Rob Maguire and the rest of the passengers encountered a wonder of Nature

Swimming along side their boat was a super-pod of dolphins consisting of over 1,000 of the popular ocean dwelling mammals. 

The video is quickly going viral, and is already covered on major Canadian news outlets, such as CBC, HuffPost, and GlobalNews


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Jan 092013

Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari takes passengers for a nature watching boat ride off the coast of Dana Point, California. But even Captain Dave admits it isn’t everyday he catches an enormous Dolphin Stampede in action. 

So it was great luck that one boat full of passengers were in the right place at the right time to witness a pod of nearly 1,000 dolphins charging some nearby whales. 


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