Nov 192013
Nervous Dog Swims For First Time

This touching video by Strang Reality has gone viral after being featured on Reddit

The dog owner explains that his pup Chance is a rescue, and as a result of a darker past, has some serious anxiety. 

But after much convincing and plenty of patience he was able to persuade Chance to go for a swim in the pool for the first time. 


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Nov 192013
Toddler Hugs And Cuddles Giant St. Bernard

This adorable video was posted by David Vickerman three years ago, but the clip is finding new life online after being shared by DailyPicks and NowMSN

David’s adorable toddler Lila simply loves the family’s giant St. Bernard Lucy, and it seems Lucy loves her back as she calmly allows the precious baby to cuddle and hug her.


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Nov 142013
Dogs Acting Like Humans Compilation

Dogs are Man’s best friend, so it’s no surprise they are acting more and more like us. 

Animal lover Mihaifrancu put together this compilation of the web’s craziest and silliest videos of dogs acting just like we do.

From driving cars to skateboarding to playing pool, it seems dogs have really picked up more human traits than we realize. 


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Nov 112013
Lexi Performs Amazing Dog Parkour Tricks

Katerina727 rescued Lexi and has been training her ever since. Now, Lexi and her owners are ready to show the Internet what they’re made of with their truly Amazing Dog Tricks

 Human parkour simply can’t compete with doggy parkour!


Thanks for the tip Katrina!

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Nov 102013
Puppies Learning To Walk Compilation

What’s cuter than a squishy puppy? A puppy learning to walk of course. 

FunnyBOBO made this compilation of a slew of baby puppies attempting to walk for the first time, and the cute video has gone viral over the weekend. Already it has garnered over 175,000 hits!


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