Dez 082013
Meatball The Corgi Loves Running On Playground Carousel

Carter Grebbien posted this adorable video of their pet corgi back in 2011, but it has only gone viral now, garnering over 400,000 new views!

Meatball the Pembroke Welsh Corgi loves to play on the playground carousel Carter’s dad built in the backyard. After Carter spins the carousel, Meatball runs in the opposite direction, and seems to bark for every revolution as if he were counting. 

It’s like a hamster wheel or even a treadmill but for dogs!


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Dez 072013
Cats Blocking Dogs From Passing Compilation

Any kid would tell you that dogs chase cats, right? Wrong! Ironically, many pet owners will explain that their tiny kitty is the boss of the dog. 

HuffingtonPost made this hilarious compilation of ‚bully‘ cats blocking the path of sheepish dogs, and now the video is going viral over the weekend. 


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Dez 042013
Walk Off The Earth Covers ‘Little Drummer Boy’ With Dogs

Sure, indy rock band Walk off the Earth is popular online, but you still need to innovate to go viral these days. 

So for their Christmas cover of the classic holiday tune Little Drummer Boy, the group incorporated dogs into their band

Ahh, the old dogs with human hands gag. Never gets old. 

Awesome and adorable!


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Dez 022013
Dog Adorably Cheats In Snow Maze

Andrew Himelson and his family posted this video on the first day of 2013, but it has only gone viral now. 

After a rather large snow fall, the family dug a snow maze for their adorable pup Geno to play in.

They temped Geno through the maze by having ‚daddy‘ stand at the end, but when Geno came to a snow wall, he simply innovated and jumped right over. 

Geno, you adorable cheater you!


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