Sep 112012

, arguably the most famous Barack Obama impersonator on the Internet and definitely the only rapping one, is back just in time for the 2012 presidential election campaign.

He kicks things off with a special Democratic National Convention themed music video, titled I Don’t Like. Perhaps this is what was going on in Barack Obama’s mind during his nomination speech.


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Sep 042012
Obama Invites Harold And Kumar The Democratic National Convention 2012

As apparent from his 2008 campaign,  really knows how to reach and connect with the young. But now that ‚Hope and Change‘ and The Obama Girl hype has all died down, the Obama admin is looking for anyway they can to reconnect with the youth.

One secret weapon up the president’s sleeve is the volunteer commitment from actors Kal Penn and John Cho, best known for starring in the Harold & Kumar stoner series. 

Naturally, video of Obama inviting the two couch locked stars to the upcoming Democratic National Convention has instantly gone viral. Kal Penn will actually be hosting the entire DNC event in Charlotte, North Carolina this Thursday, September 6, 2012.


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