Jan 082016
Little Jedi Kid Fights Like Crazy A  Jedi Training Academy At Disneyland

The Jedi Training Academy at Disneyland is one of the most popular attractions Disney has to offer. What kid doesn’t dream about being a Jedi who battles the dark side with their trusty lightsaber? Lucky kids are often offered the chance to battle Darth Vader and his stormtroopers in front of the entire crowd. But this kid took his job of fighting the dark side a little too far.

This adorable video from 2014 has only gone viral now! 


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Dez 222015
Darth Vader Helps Wife Tell Husband She’s Pregnant

On screen, Darth Vader is the evil Sith lord who is responsible for the loss of freedom for countless people and planets. But in real life, Vader is just another Disney employee who is here to make your visit to Disney World more enjoyable. Bryan Starr’s wife surprised him with the news that she was finally pregnant with the help of Vader and his Stormtroopers. This touching video has gone viral with over 900,000 hits!


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Aug 252015
Dismaland Commercial Is Chilling

World famous artist and critic of modern Western culture Banksy was trending last week when footage of his latest, and biggest, project hit the news. He created a giant parody of Disneyland with a very dark twist named Dismaland. Now, this official commercial has been released by Bansky that shows just how creepy of a place Dismaland is. 


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Jan 042015
Disney Guest Challenges Gaston To A Push Up Contest

Gaston is of course the evil, narcissistic villain from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. As Disney always goes all out, the actor who plays Gaston at Disney parks fully lives up to the character by being a buff jerk who is full of himself. While visiting Disney World, Blake Platt made the mistake of challenging Gaston to a push up contest. Naturally, Gaston put Blake in his place by doing one handed push ups with ease. 

This video has instantly gone viral this weekend with over 2.5 million hits!


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