Okt 182013
Swimming 250 Feet Below Frozen Lake On One Breath World Record

Breatheology appropriately posted this Discovery video of Stig Severinsen setting a Guinness World Record with just one breath. The professional swimmer swam under a a frozen lake for 250 feet in frigid cold water wearing just a Speedo. All on just one breath of air. No wonder Stig was crowned as „The Ultimate Superhuman“ by Discovery Channel.


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Sep 252013
Man VS Rhino Standoff

While filming for Discovery’s show Man, Cheetah, Wild, cameramen Kim and Joules had a run in with an infamously dangerous animal of the jungle. A giant Black Rhino. 

Brazenly, Kim exited his jeep to get a close up of the rhino, but almost paid the ultimate price. He ended up in an intense and terrifying standoff with the great beast that almost charged him down numerous times. 

But Kim knew no matter what to stand his ground as the bull would instantly charge on his retreat. 

„A little too close for comfort…“



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Aug 082013

Discovery themselves were the ones the post this video of Tara Reid’s comments falling apart, appropriately titled Tara Reid Said What.

The host started by reading a question from a fan on twitter that asked, „if sharks were mixed with a natural disaster other than a tornado, what would be the most deadly combination?“

Tara first gave the decent answer of a shark tsunami–an unlikely, but possible event–and the conversation flowed from there. 

But then Tara stopped the presses to announce how she was afraid of making a fool of herself before the show, so she read up about sharks online and was surprised to learn about the Whale Shark.

She then dug her own grave, one word at a time. Even her co-hosts couldn’t help but look at the camera flabbergasted.


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Mrz 012012

This icy nature video from  new special, Frozen Planet, already has 150,000 views, and is featured on YouTubeTrends. Alec Baldwin narrates about the amazing frozen spectacles that occur underwater when salt water in nature freezes. 


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