Feb 272013

Two weeks ago, Scott Bradlee went viralviral with his crew’s Old Time Jazzy Cover Of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop. Viewers just couldn’t get enough of the new twist on their web-favorite song, and now that cover video stands with over one million views

Now, the music team is trending again. This time, they went ‚out West‘ to cover pop princess Kesha’s hit single Die Young with a country twist.  

Better than the original? 


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Nov 292012

Popular YouTube musician  teamed up with fellow online artist Jess Moskaluke for a pop music collaboration piece. They chose to cover Kesha’s latest hit single that has the web excited, Die Young, and knocked it out of the park in this new trending music video.


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Nov 072012

The parody professionals at  quickly pounced on Kesha’s newest single, Die Young. The pop star most famous for her trashy single Tik Tok has returned to her roots, and now she’s rightfully being parodied for continuing to lower society’s metaphorical bar. 


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