Feb 142016
Grown Man Cries That He’ll Lose His Head After Dental Procedure

There are literally countless videos of people on YouTube tripping out after a dental procedure in which the medications are having a strong effect on them. Most of the time the videos features kids and teens. 

But in this special case a grown man cries that his head might fall off after having a procedure. Thankfully, he has his tape to stay safe and stuck together. This hilarious video has gone viral with over half million views!


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Dez 032014
Tooth Fairy In Real Life Prank Is Adorable

Yousef of FouseyTube planned an adorable prank at his brother’s dental office. When kids were sat down in the dental chair, the dentist and their parents left the room for a moment. That’s when the tooth fairy entered and magically cleaned their teeth perfectly. So cute. 


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Jul 152014
Stan Lee Rants About The Dentist

Superhero creator Stan Lee has a bone to pick with dentists. He doesn’t mind the actual painful procedures, or even the Novocaine shots. What drives him insane is when his mouth is full of cotton swabs, tools, and suction hoses and then the dentist has the nerve to start up a conversation and ask him about his day. 


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Aug 262011

‚After dentist‘ videos of people talking funny after anesthesia are always  popular online. Of course David After Dentist is the most famous, and is even one of the most famous viral videos of all time. Famous Hollywood actor Emile Hirsch joins the ‚after dentist‘ club when his friends recorded him after having his wisdom teeth removed. The video is shared by Dave and TheDailyWhat


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Jul 182011

I remember so many cartoon’s showcasing ridiculous ways to yank a loose tooth out. It seems every kid’s show has at least one episode showcasing a character with a loose tooth, and a crazy, creative way that it is pulled out.

Well, just like the stories we’ve read and watched before, this older sister wants to help her younger brother get that darn loose tooth out. What’s her plan? Tie a string around the tooth and drive away on her mini motorbike. Amazingly, it works. I can’t believe the parents allowed her to pull it off. The video is featured on Abroath and TheDailyWhat. .


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