Nov 192012

The new Italian music channel  went viral last week with their awesome cover of Katy Perry’s Wide Awake, and now they have again started to trend with another spot on pop music cover. 

They took David Guetta and Usher’s Without You, and added a rock ’n‘ roll twist. Just over the weekend, their new cover has garnered over 1.1 million views.  


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Okt 042012

For their latest collaborated pop music cover,  chose David Guetta’s ultra popular hit single Titanium. They took their classical music roots and beautifully wove the classic French composition Pavane with the new pop song for a cover like no other. 

Already, their new cover–which was made with only the piano, cello, and a tambourine–has over 20,000 likes


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Feb 092012

This epic lip sync music video was just posted on Reddit, and has subsequently spread across the ’net, being featured on Devour and CBSNews. The video has been viewed more than 50,000 times since just the first day of its inception.

Matthew Ferguson performs alone in this very trippy, and unique lip sync video of David Guetta’s Turn Me On featuring Nicki Minaj. Six versions of Matt, each with their own different facial hair, float in the darkness, complemnting and singing with each other.


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Jan 262011

YouTuber BeenerKeeKee19952, or Keenan Cahill, is only getting bigger. First he went viral dancing to Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. Then 50 Cent appeared and danced in his video of Down On Me. Now world famous DJ and artist David Guetta makes a mix of all his hits for the little dude to rock out to in his studio!

List of music:

„Sexy Chick“ feat Akon
„Gettin Over You“ David Guetta & Chris Willis feat Fergie & LMFAO
„Memories“ featuring Kid Cudi
„I Gotta Feeling“ (FMIF Remix Edit) – The Black Eyed Peas
„Who’s That Chick?“ featuring Rihanna
„When Love Takes Over“ featuring Kelly Rowland

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