Jan 102013

Seifer2846 published this Star Wars spoof video in September, but it has only started to trend now. Everyone knows that James Earl Jones is the voice of Darth Vader, but what if Lucas had chosen a different voice actor?

Someone like, hmmm, Arnold Schwarzenegger perhaps? 


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Nov 132012

This emotional video was posted on the tear-jerking Welcome Home Blog over a week ago, but it has only seriously started to trend now. It currently stands with over 425,000 views, and is further featured on ABCNews, Military, Babble, and HuffPost

Last May, for his son’s Star Wars birthday party, US Navy sailor dad made a special trip home to surprise his son. To incorporate the surprise with the party, dad dressed up as Darth Vader and battled his son in a light saber duel.

Only after being defeated did Dad Vader unveil that, „I am your father.“ 


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Nov 012012

Nerds who care have been abuzz online after Disney announced their acquisition of Lucas Arts and the entire Star Wars franchise from George Lucas for $4 billion

Naturally,  had to celebrate the event, and quickly published this Darth Vader visiting Disney Land viral video. Already, the new video has garnered over 400,000 hits, and is featured on TheDailyWhat, ComicBookResources, and Geekologie


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Aug 302012

This nearly unseen three week old video by  has only gone viral today, after being featured on SayOMG, DailyOfTheDay, BIOTV, and G4TV.

During a Star Wars themed street show, one ‚Jedi‘ dog in the audience found the opportunity to finally ‚attack‘ the dark Sith Lord, finally bringing peace and balance to the Force by making everyone laugh.


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Aug 012012

Leave it to a manly nerd to take something as domestic as laundry to honor the powerful Lord Vader. While doing the family laundry, this nerd couldn’t help but notice the buttons played some familiar notes.

With enough practice he’s mastered the famous, dark theme music for the most powerful Sith ever, Darth Vader. 

The video has recently started to trend, and is featured on LaughingSquid, Buzzfeed, and Neatorama


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