Jan 232015
Danish Archer Is The Greatest Archer Of Our Time

Like most things historical, Hollywood has completely messed up the history of archery. Most people assume archers had a quiver to hold their arrows on their back because that’s what they see in the movies. But that’s completely wrong. 

Danish archer Lars Andersen is considered by most to be the greatest archer of our time. He proves his skills in this incredible video in which he fires perfect shots while holding his arrows in his firing hand. He can even hit an arrow that’s shot right at him! 

This video has instantly gone viral with over 1.5 million hits!


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Nov 012014
Classical Orchestra Eats World’s Hottest Chili Pepper

There are countless videos online of people tasting super hot chili peppers and trying to withstand the burn. But the Danish chili enthusiasts of Chili Klaus have finally brought something new to the table. They had the members of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra each eat a habanero super hot pepper in the middle of performing the classic Tango Jalousie. You gotta give it them for staying so professional until the end. Bravo!


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Mrz 312013

To promote the second season of their popular show Dumt & Farligt – Again, Euro TV station Zululicious published this highlights reel of super slow motion footage from the second season of the Danish TV show. As the web can’t get enough of super slow motion footage, the two week old compilation video has already collected over half a million views


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Apr 192012

Danish TV show Dumt & farligt has gone viral with their latest video of doing ’stupid and dangerous things‘ recorded in super slow motion. They light fireworks indoors, chainsaw a bottle of Coke, ‚mow‘ the carpet, and more. The results are mesmerizingly messy, and are featured on LaughingSquid, PetaPixel, and YouTubeTrends


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