Aug 082012

 only gets to see his young nephew twice a year, because he is currently serving in the military. Cade has expressed how he missed his special soldier uncle, so being the cool uncle he is,  sent a script to his sister so he and Cade could make a an action movie together. 

Just because they aren’t physically together doesn’t mean they can’t both star in a movie, which they just happened to title SuperNerds: Call Cade Maybe.

So with the help of his cool uncle, Cade saved the president who had been taken hostage and won the day. 

The video instantly went viral after Cade’s dad posted the adorable story on Reddit

Viewers just can’t get over the short, with YouTuber freshesttartlet commenting: „Adorable child, hot soldier, nerd glasses, rescuing the president… my feels, my ovaries, my heart, etc.“


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Aug 082012

There are plenty of viral videos of dogs retrieving a beer for their master. There’s even the famous classic viral video of Patches the horse who retrieved a beer from the fridge. 

But this year old video by  of the same trick has just gone viral now, amassing over 100,000 hits in just days.

People just can’t stop dreaming of owning a dog who can get them a beer. This Golden Retriever not only gets his master a beer, but even closes the fridge door. 


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Aug 072012

Like countless children around the world, this Olympian-to-be has been watching this summer’s Olympic games. And she’s been inspired! 

So when mom and dad took the family to the local swimming pool, their daughter knew she had to try out his reverse backflip dive. Of course, she’s just a wee-little kid, so her dive flopped, but that only makes the chances for the cute video of going viral even better

The brand new video is already featured on CollegeHumor, TheDailyWhat, and Reddit


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Aug 062012

There’s no doubt that Power Wheels was and still is one of the coolest toys a kid can get. But after three loving years of driving his Christmas present, Evan’s 2009 Lightning McQueen Power Wheels go kart was starting to show some wear. 

So dad figured they would upgrade the car together. And since Evan was at the ‚mature‘ age of five years old, dad didn’t hold back. He added a better suspension, disc brakes, real tires and wheels, and a sweet 24 volts, 500 watt, .66 horsepower electric motor.

That awkward feeling when you’re jealous of a five year old…

The video is published by FFTEC Motorsports, and is going viral after being featured on Reddit, MostWatchedToday, and CBSNews.


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