Okt 082016

A strong candidate for the „#1 Dad In The World“-mug is Gavin MacCall, who build a whole Ninja Warrior course in his backyard so his daughter can train for the big event (coming in 5-10 years, if the tv show is still going by then…). Cute!

„Her practicing everyday on the playgrounds around our neighborhood has really given her the strength for this course“

via: usatoday

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Sep 122016
Orangutan Is Mesmerized By Pregnant Woman’s Baby Bump

This video from January is only going viral now with hundreds of thousands of new views. While visiting the orangutan exhibit at the Colchester zoo, Kieran Bettany and his wife were stunned when they found one orangutan completely mesmerized by his wife’s seven month baby bump. The great ape seemed to understand she was a pregnant mother. 


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Sep 112016
Little Snake Loves Burrowing In Sand

Jenny Gaines bought her tiny pet Kenyan Sand Boa snake Waffle a new toy. A mini replicate of those turtle sandboxes for kids. Naturally, the little slithering guy loves digging in the sand. 

This cute pet video has gone viral with over 2.5 million hits this weekend!


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Sep 012016
Toddler Has The Best Answer To Moral Dilemma

E.J. Masicampo is a psychology professor who teaches a class on moral psychology. He wanted to show his class what happened when he asked his toddler son to take on a classic moral dilemma. He never could have imagined his kid would react like this!


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