Jan 162016
Giant Panda Puts Baby Panda Cub Back To Bed

Every parent has to deal with it. After putting the kids to bed, a while later you find one of the little ones out of bed saying they’re afraid of something or asking for a drink of water. Apparently, this isn’t only a human issue. 

In this adorably relaxing clip, a mama panda finds her baby cub out of bed after putting the little one to sleep. This cute video was posted in 2013, but is trending now more than ever. 


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Nov 082015
Polar Bear cub can’t swim yet

This precious video was published in 2013, but has only gone viral now with over 1.25 million new views. At the polar bear exhibit at the zoo, a group of onlookers couldn’t help but aww in delight when they saw a baby polar bear cub accidentally fall into the water. The little guy obviously couldn’t swim yet, but thankfully, mama bear jumped in and helped the little guy out of the water. 


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Okt 062015
Cheetah Cub And Puppy Become Best Friends

At the Metro Richmond Zoo, keepers noticed that one cheetah cub wasn’t growing like the others. The veterinarians realized that the mama cheetah wasn’t producing enough milk for all the cubs, so they separated Kumbali the cheetah cub to be hand raised. But cheetahs are social animals, so they introduced Kumbali to Kago the rescued puppy. Soon, the two became best friends. They really need to make a children’s book about these two. 


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Sep 262015
Man Rescues Baby Fox Tangled In Net

Most people don’t realize how many things we take for granted can easily become a hazard for wildlife, especially young animals. A baby fox became deeply tangled in a soccer net, but thankfully, a kind wildlife volunteer helped free the cute cub. Wildlife Aid published this video last year, but it is trending again now. 


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