Jul 182016
Guy Finds Loud Worker Outside His Luxury Cruise Window

When people drop thousands to go on a luxury cruise they know it’s worth it for the manner you are pampered like royalty. But imagine after getting a nice upgraded room you find a loud worker hammering and working away on the outside your beautiful view? That’s what happened to Nate Zemanek. Thanks to this video going viral, Nate was taken care of apparently. 


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Mai 112014
Cruise Ship Play The Intro For ‘Seven Nation Army’

The first few notes of Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes are some of the most iconic sounds in rock music. It’s only a few notes, but it stands out from the rest. During Hamburg’s Harbour-Birthday celebration, the MSC Magnifica cruise ship ‚brought the house down‘ by playing the opening of Seven Nation Army on their great horn system. The crowd loved it, and now, the Internet is enjoying it too as this video has gone viral with over 300,000 hits!


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Jan 082013

Greg Benson of Mediocre Films2 is lucky enough to be on a cruise to Hawaii with his girlfriend Kim. He is vlogging his experience, but has already made one traditional comedy video. 

He gives „the f***in‘ tour“ of the f***in‘ cruise ship“ with a very dirty mouth. You’d think someone on vacation would be in a better mood…


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Feb 112012

Cruise ships love to show off their outrageous amenities, but how do they offer billiard tables to their guest on the high seas? Every small wave would move the balls and ruin the game. To fix the problem, genius engineers created a gyroscopic pool table.

Every second, computers alter the table to keep it perfectly level. It may seem like the table is uneven, but really the boat is moving and the table is staying level on a perfect plane. Look closely.

The video comes from the cruise ship „Radiance of the Seas“, travelling from New Zealand in rough weather in December 2011.


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Sep 082010

Not only is this dramatic, they add the Inception soundtrack. This cruise liner was on the high seas when the waves became severelyintense. It almost looks like an earthquake inside. The furniture flies around and people fall. Titanic anyone?

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