Apr 112015
Vintage Cover Of ‘Creep’ Is Gorgeous

Scott Bradlee and his band The Postmodern Jukebox have made a name for themselves on the Web by covering pop songs in unexpected ways. For their latest music video project, they worked with singer Haley Reinhart to cover the classic Radiohead song Creep with a very old school feel. The results are beautiful. 


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Okt 202013
New York Bartender Covers ‘Creep’

NSFW language

Cody Littlewood and friends were at the Brandy’s Piano Bar on the Upper West Side of Manhattan around closing time, and luckily caught the best act of the night.

One of the bartenders took to the microphone and ripped a killer cover of Creep by Radiohead that had drinkers cheering and now has online viewers ‚liking‘ and sharing. 

The video is going viral over the weekend, and is featured on DailyDot, HuffPost, and Heavy


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Jul 312012

Hispanic musician Daniela Andrade is already popular, but she has started to trend more than usual for her touching cover of Radiohead.

Creep is already a powerful song, but when performed with just an acoustic guitar and Daniela’s pure voice, chills will definitely run down your spine. 

The video is featured on VideoSift and BestOfYouTube


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Apr 232012

Broadway actress Carrie Manolakos has made a big name for herself on the Internet recently. Her knock-out performance of Creep by Radiohead during a recent show at Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village went viral.

Now the two week old video stands with over 285,000 views, and is featured on MSN, YouTubeTrendsTheFW, Gawker, and Blippit


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Sep 102011

Jim Carrey has been all over the Internet recently. He went viral when he was caught by fans visiting Christ The Redeemer in Brazil and then when he posted a vlog confessing his love for Emma Stone. Now video has surfaced of Jim covering Radiohead’s hit song Creep at Arlene’s Grocery on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The video is shared by BurnRed


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