Jun 102016
Crazy Guy Builds 5000 Fireworks Deathstar

Now that summer is finally in full swin it’s time for pool parties, BBQ’s, and of course fire works! To celebrate his YouTube channel reaching 3,000,000 subscribers, crazy British inventor Colin Furze built an epic deathstar consisting of 5,000 fireworks. Boom!


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Jun 082016
How Mosquitoes Suck Your Blood Is Beyond Disturbing

Most people are shocked to learn that sharks and other large predators are not the leading killer of humans in the animal kingdom. No, it’s the mosquito. PBS’s Deep Look explains how the female uses six special needles to suck our blood just like a vampire. Ewww. 


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Jun 082016
Leaf Cutter Ants Destroy Expensive Camera Equipment In Rainforest

Nature show The Jungle Diaries wanted to capture a few pictures of the jaguar in their habitat. So using expensive camera equipment, they set up a motion activated infrared sensor to record during the night. 

What they found the next day was not what they were expecting. Leaf cutter ants had their way with all their expensive equipment, causing over $2,000 worth of damage!


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Jun 072016
Victim Of Patent Trolls Visits Their Office

With technology surging society forward, you may have heard of a new brand of lawyers dubbed Patent Trolls. They don’t actually make or do anything positive. Instead, they sue people, mostly app creators, for supposedly infringing on their patents.

App creator Austin Meyer was sued by one such company and decided to look into them. This is what he found. 


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Jun 062016
Epic Pogo Stick Tricks Will Get You Bouncing

The pogo stick is one of those toys that nearly all kids try out at least and quickly quit after failing a couple times. It’s like the unicycle, you really have to commit to get the hang of it. But once you do, you’re in for a crazy ride. 


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