Mar 202014
Cyclist Amazingly Lands On Mattress After Car Accident

What are the odds?

In this short clip, a biker is side-swiped by a truck carrying a mattress. Instead of a terrible accident, the biker’s fall is broken by the mattress perfectly sliding underneath him just before he hit the ground. 

What is this, a cartoon?

The biker and witnesses were understandably shocked. 

The video was just posted by Carlos Menezes on Tuesday and has already surpassed over one million hits!


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Jan 132014
First Person Footage Of Hawaii Plane Crash

ABC News has the exclusive video of a dramatic and terrifying plane crash in the ocean off the coast of Hawaii last week. 

Passenger Ferdinand Puentes captured the footage as the plane’s engine failed and they began to lose altitude with his GoPro, which has gone viral over the weekend.

Read more on ABC


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Jan 112014
Top Gear Has A Car Smashed By A Train To Prove A Point

For some horrible reason, people young and old have a bad habit of crossing the train tracks while the lights are flashing and arms are down. 

Blame the trend on impatient. Blame it on stupidity.

To demonstrate just how bad of an idea it is to play chicken with an oncoming train, popular car show Top Gear purposefully had a train smash a minivan on their program to show just how powerful the impact can be. 


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Dec 112013
Massive Pileup On Wisconsin Highway 41/45 During Snow Storm

Wisconsin was slammed with a major snow storm on Sunday, causing a massive pileup crash on highway 41/45.

Only after the giant 40 car chain reaction crash were authorities able to close the highway for hours. 

WISN 12 News posted this video of the dramatic scene. 


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Nov 142013
‘Castello Cavalcanti’ Short Film Starring Jason Schwartzman

Director and screenwriter Wes Anderson is trending online after debuting this short film created special for PRADA

The near-eight minute video stars actor Jason Schwartzman–who just finished hosting the YouTube Music Awards–as a 1950′s race car driver who crashes in a small Italian village. 

Castello Cavalcanti is featured further on Slate, HuffingtonPost, TheVerge, and RollingStone


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