Jun 292016
Alabama Country Girl Catches Giant Catfish With Bare Hands

There’s country and then there’s Hannah Barron. The nineteen year old Alabama girl may only be five feet tall, but she can put most guys to shame with her impressive fishing and hunting career. She especially likes to catch catfish with her bare hands just by sticking her hand down their throat! Now, she’s gone viral with millions of views and her own TV show after the Web watched as she caught a 30 pound catfish! 


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Mai 072016
Jimmy Fallon And Keith Urban Sing Stories From FMyLife.com

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon likes to act like he’s hip and cool and with it. But sometimes he demonstrates his age. Apparently, Jimmy has only recently discovered the now ancient Internet meme FML based on the once popular site FMyLife.com. Since he was hosting country music star Keith Urban, the two sing actual FML posts in this hilarious sketch. 


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Nov 052015
Country Music Star Read Mean Tweets

Most people think that pop music is the most popular music. But country music has millions and millions of fans. After having athletes, movies stars, and pop singers read mean tweets on his late night program, Jimmy Kimmel invited country music stars like Brad Paisley, Thomas Rhett, and many others to read the mean tweets people post online. 


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Okt 282015
Man Rescues Injured Baby Deer

Honeysada lives pretty far out in the woods. So it was no surprise when they saw a mama deer give birth to two fawns in their backyard. But after watching the new family, they noticed one of the babies seemed to have an injured leg. Soon, the mama deer left leaving the injured fawn behind. With so many bears and wolves around, they decided to take in the baby deer until it was strong enough to be released back into the wild. So cute! This adorable month old video has gone viral with over four million views!


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Okt 192015
Pumpkin Carving With A Rifle

Firearms enthusiast Hickok45 is a master with a rifle. As Halloween is just around the corner, Jack-o-lanterns are popping up everywhere. But all that cutting and slicing, it’s just such a pain. Thankfully, Hickok45 demonstrates how to carve a pumpkin for a Halloween Jack-o-lantern in moments with just a couple rounds with a rifle. The results actually looks creepy and is perfect for Halloween. 


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