Jun 232016
18th Century Fried Chicken Recipe Will Get You Drooling

Fried chicken is so American, that many people around the world instantly conjure up images of The Colonel when they read the dish on a menu. But food historian Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. explains that there were actually 18th century British recipes for fried chicken, and they were darn delicious. This video recipe has gone viral with over one million hits!


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Mai 082016
How To Make The “Smoke Bomb” Is Simply Stunning

YouTube’s newest and hottest cocktail channel, Cocktail Chemistry, has returned with arguably their best video to date. This time, our favorite bartender demonstrates his most intricate and advanced cocktail of all, The „Smoke Bomb.“

As it’s name suggests, when the ice sphere is cracked by the bartender, a ball of smoke explodes and adds a hint of fragrance to your drink. Stunning! 


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Mrz 212016
How To Make Perfectly Clear Ice For The Best Cocktail

As everyone knows, a party is only as good as its supply of ice. Great parties have come to a crashing end because of the ice ran out. Want to take your ice game to the next level? Cocktail Chemistry explains how to make crystal clear that’ll elevate any drink. 


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Mrz 112016
Eating The Most Expensive Steak On Earth

There’s no question that the most popular meat to eat is steak. Sometimes, it’s nice to splurge and spend $30, $50, or even $75 for an amazing steak dinner. But that’s not enough for some carnivores. For those who want the best, there is the most expensive steak in the world. Nick Solares of Eater tasted a super expensive steak at Mu Ramen in Long Island City. Drool! 


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