Jun 072012

Justin Bieber is holding a contest for fans to make their own parodies of his hit single Boyfriend. This girl’s cover video just went viral on Reddit for being creepy and funny.

Unlike most girls who obviously try to charm Bieber,  makes it clear, she will make Justin her boyfriend. Shiver. 


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Dec 212011

59 year old Brenda Hewett isn’t much of a hockey player, but that didn’t stop her from having the best Christmas in a long time thanks to her unknown hockey skills. After dropping down at her local Ford dealer, she commented on how she needed a new truck, but couldn’t afford it. The staff at Frenchie’s Ford told her about a hole in one hockey contest being held later for a new truck, and offered her to fill out a ballot.

Well, Brenda first was lucky enough to go first, and then, grasping a hockey stick for the first time, tapped the puck with perfection to slide into the tiny goal. Naturally, the crowd went wild! The video is featured on TheDailyWhat.


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Jun 222011

Anna Graceman is only eleven years old, but she has the musical talent of one much older. She performs Alicia Keys’ song If I Ain’t Got You. The moment she starts playing the piano, the crowd goes nuts. I think we have a star here.


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Jun 212011

Evolution is a very touchy topic in America. The intellectuals almost all believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution, while the religious deny evolution. How can the world be millions or billions of years old if the bible says its only six thousand years old? The contestants for the Miss USA 2011 contest answer the controversial question, should evolution be taught in schools? What do you think?


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Jun 032011

Sukanya Roy is only fourteen, but she has the spelling powers of someone much older and wiser. She won first place at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Maryland, which included $40,000. See kids, spelling can be fun. The story is featured on Newsfeed.Time.


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