Sep 152011

Coning is the term for when idiots order an ice cream cone, and grab it by the ice cream instead of the cone itself as some form of a joke. McDonald’s managers have caught onto the stupid craze, and are shutting it down. When they notice younger people order an ice cream cone, and have a camera out, they are on guard. They either don’t give it to them, until they slowly grab it by the cone, or just simply put a cup over the ice cream. The videos are shared on StuffIStole.¬†




¬†Another instance where McDonald’s stops coning:


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Jun 202011

‚Coning‘ as the Internet has named it, is the idea to grab McDonalds ice cream cones by the ice cream top, not the cone. People then record the employee’s reaction. Usually, it’s a boring event, but of all the reactions, this one is the best. The employee is so shocked, his reaction is just priceless.


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