Sep 132011

Everyone with grandparents knows that seniors have trouble with Internet and computers. As they say, ‚You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.‘ This adorable older couple give it ago though, and try to take a picture with their webcam. Instead, they accidently recorded themselves, and the results are just fantastic. 




Update 9/14: CNN picked up the story. Must be a slow news day. 


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Sep 072011

Who would have thought that the MacBook Air was so versatile, you can even cook with it. That’s right, some Asian genius/idiot decided to show off his cutting skills using his $1,000 piece of technology. It actually works decently, even if you get shrimp goo on your computer. Steven Jobs, you’ve thought of everything. Read more on CNN.


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Aug 312011

The earthquake that just shook the east coast originated in Washington D.C., and worked it way up the coast to New York, and west to even Cleveland. Amazingly, many New Yorkers had already read on Twitter that an earthquake had struck the east coast, even before it got to New York.

So, Twitter made this genius commercial after hearing so many people with the same story. Twitter, it’s faster than an earthquake. Welcome to the future folks. The video is featured on TheDailyBeast


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Aug 292011

Chat-bot programs, like the famous CleverBot, are simple AI computer programs that attempt to interact with people as a human itself. It’s not all the way there, but impressive on a programming level. Here, two chat-bots talk to each other, which may just open a black hole and tear time and space apart. The video is shared on Geekosystem


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