Sep 152016

Every month, and Was ist hier eigentlich los? put together the best clips of the last weeks in an awesome „WIN Compilation“. This time there are 46 videos in just about nine minutes with lots of viral stuff in it.

„Win against silly season. The last days of summer are here and we welcome it with our September Edition of the WIN Compilation. That means 46 fresh clips for you that brighten days, enable smiles and probably cure cancer. Or at least two of these things… Enjoy & share!“

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Aug 192016
People Celebrating Winning Too Early And Then Losing

It seems to be a common problem for athletes online. In a close match one player will pull off the last move of the game, and run away thinking the game was over and they had won. But that wasn’t the case…

Wanapedia posted this compilation in July of athletes celebrating winning too early and then losing, but it has only gone viral now with over 2.75 million hits!


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Aug 032016
Pokemon Theme Song Covered In 20 1990’s Styles

What year is it? It was over 20 years ago when Pokemon took the video game world by storm. Now, thanks to the hot new smartphone app Pokemon Go, the pocket monster collecting game has returned to pop culture.

That inspired Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs to cover the Pokemon theme song in the style of 20 different 1990’s bands. 


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Jul 242016
Ultimate Every Modern Disney Animated Film Mash Up Music Video

Disney cartoons have been a apart of life for nearly every Gen X and Millennial kid. Video artist Lindsay McCutcheon took every modern feature animated Disney film since 1989 and mashed footage up perfectly with this rocking montage pop song, Pop Culture by Madeon. It’s the ultimate Disney mash up for the ultimate pop song. Disney really should acquire this. It’s like the footage was made for the song! 


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