Jun 182014
Realistic Garfield

The premise for Garfield is perfect for a comic strip. A pessimistic fat cat who loves lasagna and aggravates his nerdy owner is comedy gold. But in real life Garfield would simply be a grotesquely overweight cat who lives with his slightly schizophrenic owner. 

Pete Holmes demonstrates what a realistic Garfield skit would look like in this humorous animation


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Mrz 052014
27 Facts About Newspaper Comic Strips

Soon, comic strips will no longer exist in their original newspaper form. They have now transformed and evolved into Web comics. 

Before they are completely forgotten, trivia nerd John Green of Mental Floss reviews 27 facts about newspaper comic strips.


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Nov 012013
Calvin And Hobbes Dancing

Ahh, nostalgia. The web loves it! 

Of all the daily comics from the past, one of the most popular online has to be Calvin and Hobbes.

Adam Animates is a huge fan of the Bill Watterson strip, so much so, he made this short animated homage of Calvin and his tiger best friend dancing in the woods. 

The 30 second clip has managed to amass over a quarter million hits this week!


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Okt 162013
Superman 75 Years Synopsis Animated Short

Even though he is 75 years old, Superman hasn’t aged a bit.

In honor of his 75th anniversary, DC Comics put together this animated short recapping Clark Kent’s adventures, from his first comic book debut to Man of Steel

Check out the official list of annotation here.


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Apr 042013

The comic strip Calvin and Hobbes is, of course, cherished on the web. But what happens when Calvin grows up, and all those crazy imaginations and daydreams don’t go away? They become even more powerful and out of control in Calvin and Hobbes: The Movie by Gritty Reboots. The new video is already featured on Mashable, GeekoSystem, and Joblo


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