Nov 182015
It Was Really Windy In Colorado

It’s that time of year again when the weather starts to get a little more crazy. Earlier today, Drocks027 witnesses some seriously powerful winds blowing in Colorado. He watched as a man barely was able to help two travelers get into a bus without being literally blown away. Phew! 


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Mrz 252014
Firefighter Records Terrifying Fire Tornado

While fighting wildfires at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal in Denver, Colorado, firefighter Thomas Rogers and his team witnessed a dust devil, also known as a fire tornado. 

The dust devil passed by the wildfire and turned into the natural phenomenon that seems to be straight from Hell. 

The video has gone viral over the past week, garnering over a quarter million views


Via Gawker

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Nov 052013
Elk Plays On Trampoline

Greg Chase and his wife were sitting by their backyard, enjoying their morning coffee when they caught their elk neighbors getting into mischief. 

They have a lot of elk activity around Evergreen, Colorado where they live, but never have they seen this.

One of the young elk broke through the netting of their giant trampoline, and started playing around like a kid. 

But it quickly realized getting out was much more difficult than breaking in. 

Gregs notes that the only reason his wife suggested shooting it was to keep it from suffering if it got too badly hurt due to the hole in the trampoline.


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Aug 252013

Last week, incoming Ball State freshman Markus Burden won a semester of paid tuition after scoring a half court shot. 

Colorado State University upped the anti by offering one of their freshman students an entire year of free tuition if he was able to sink a half court shot. Now, the four coaches who committed to sponsoring the tuition prize have to pay up. 


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Aug 032013

A bear has gone viral over the weekend after being caught on security camera in the back alley of a Colorado eatery.

Employees at German restaurant Edelweiss in Colorado Springs were shocked to see a mama brown bear literally stealing their garbage dumpster, not once, but two nights in a row. The video is covered on 9News, DailyPicks, and KDVR.


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