Mar 312014
Coke Metos Trick Goes To Next Level With Nutella And Durex

The spraying Coke-Mentos meme is nearly as old as YouTube itself. Italian YouTuber Magic Mille has taken the gag to the next level, incorporating Nutella and a Durex rubber into the trick. 

His crazy video has gone viral over the weekend with over 625,000 hits already!


Via DailyDot

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Mar 142014
Coca-Cola Adds Soda ‘Slurpers’ To Movie Trailer To Remind Viewers To Be Quiet

Coca-Cola wants to remind moviegoers to be quiet during the film, and not to slurp their Cokes. The movie just isn’t the same with you in it.

To express this point, the popular soda company added real ‘slurpers’ to a fake trailer in a movie theater in Copenhagen using a hidden camera, a greenscreen, and very quick editing skills.

Viewers couldn’t help but laugh when they saw themselves on the silver screen awkwardly interrupting a steamy love scene. 


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Feb 192014
Coca-Cola Social Media Guard Parody Commercial

We all love social media. But let’s face it. Most of us are more than addicted to our favorite social apps and programs. 

Thankfully, Coca-Cola has introduced the great new faux product, The Social Media Guard

Just like a dog cone, the product fits snugly around the user’s neck, and obstructs all social media use. Now you can actually, you know, be social in real life. 


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Feb 022014
coke 2014

This Coca-Cola Super Bowl commercial has instantly gone viral. The ad features America The Beautiful being sung in multiple languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, Tagalog, and more. 

Now, a debate has erupted online whether it was appropriate to sing the patriotic song in any other language than English. Some on Twitter have even started a #boycottcoke hashtag. 

Though some have voiced their concerns, the majority of viewers are cheering the commercial for its diversity.

What do you think?


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Jan 232014
Coke Cans Being Smothered By Flowing Lava Is Oddly Mesmerizing

Artist and volcano enthusiast LavaPix may have inadvertently created a genius commercial for Coke with his latest piece.

At an undisclosed volcano, he dropped two cans of Coca-Cola into thick, viscous, 2000 degree flowing lava.

The results are oddly mesmerizing, and have even been featured by the official YouTube Goolge+ page.


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