Dez 282014
Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s 2015 New Year’s Pep Talk Will Inspire You

Every new year, people make resolutions that they quickly dismiss. But what if we really started a new year with goals that could change the world for the better? Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield offers some optimistic words of wisdom that may just inspire you to start 2015 on the right foot. Let’s change the world for the better. 


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Nov 142013
An Astronaut’s Guide To Movember

Chris Hadfield, the Internet’s favorite Canadian astronaut, is trending again

As a fun way to promote and support men’s health group Movember–which just so happens to have the same name as the popular trend to grow facial hair during November–Chris explains how unpopular his new YouTube videos on Earth have turned out.

It seems no one is impressed with gravity when they live with it everyday. 


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Okt 292013
Chris Hadfield’s “Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth”

The web’s favorite astronaut, Chris Hadfield, most famous for his viral videos originating on the International Space Station, has returned to the web with an amusing new video. 

Chris asked his son to make a video to promote his new book about space that would captivate the online audience. It seems he was successful with his Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth commercial. 


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Mai 122013

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has served the Internet and nerd community well while on the International Space Station, creating many entertaining and educational viral videos directly from Space.

Before his return, he thought it fitting to end with some music. Obviously, few songs are more appropriate to cover in Space than David Bowie’s Space Oddity.

This is also happens to be a world record as the first music video recorded on the ISS and in Space in general.

The best, most advanced visual effects and computer graphics can’t compete with a real zero gravity environment.

Few scenes can trump Hadfield singing, „Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing left to do,“ with a very blue Mother Earth literally behind him.

The resulting music video is truly stunning, and has instantly caught viral fever, already appearing on CBSNews, CNet, and TheVerge.


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Apr 192013

Chris Hadfield of the Canadian Space Agency is currently stationed on the International Space Station. For a while now, he has been posting interesting and educational videos on YouTube, many of which have gone viral. 

In his latest trending video, Chris shows viewers what happens when a soaking wet washcloth is wrung out. The results are simply glorious, and have already amassed over 800,000 views in just two days. 


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