Jan 142013

Jason Lee was watching yet another Los Angeles high speed police chase on NBC-LA when a truly serendipitous moment occurred. He took out his smart phone to record the TV footage, but then noticed the noises of the chase were beginning to sound more life like.

Before he knew it, he looked up to see the speed chase from television zooming by the outside of his living room. Thankfully, the criminal was apprehended moments later. 


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Dez 182011

Self proclaimed Scott ‚The Vigilante‘ Bailey was just driving along like any other day when he witnessed a Chevy Malibu crash into someone’s house and drive off. Being the good Samaritan that he is, he pursued the driver who he quickly correctly realized must be drunk. He finally caught up to the the hit and run driver at a shopping mall and blocked in his car. The police took care of the drunk in the end. 


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Mai 152011

There have been so many instances when a fan runs on the field and is tackled by security. Actually, often, the audience likes the action and change of pace. If they like him they cheer for him, if they don’t they cheer for the cops.

At an Houston Astros game on the 13th, one fan ran on the field in the bottom of the ninth inning. He charges center field, and when security comes, he bolts. He runs back to the seats and climbs up the side and escapes! The crowd loves it!


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