Sep 292016
Cartoon Recap of Six Seasons Game of Thrones

„Games of Throlls“ is a funny recap of the tv show „Game of Thrones“ and it’s six seasons so far. And Red MEDUSA doesn’t be stingy with some cartoony boobs that bounce along a dragon ride… NSFW if your work place is prude or doesn’t like GoT.

via: koreus

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Sep 032016
Flight Attendant Performs Hilarious Looney Tunes Impressions

There are few kids out there who didn’t grow up watching Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck duke it out. All the Looney Tune characters have such well known voices. This Southwest flight attendant used his time on the mic to share his perfect Looney Tunes impressions. 


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Jul 312016
The Simpsons Choose Between Hillary And Trump

The entire country, and much of the world, is deciding who they will be voting for this November. Most of us don’t know which is worse, Trump or Clinton. Marge and Homer Simpson choose in this short viral excerpt. 


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Jul 232016
South Park 20th Anniversary Commercial

It’s crazy that when South Park first debuted it was considered one of the worst things on television. Something that would destroy the innocence of children. Today, it’s basically just another animated comedy on TV. 

Now, the famous show is returning for its 20th season. In that honor, Trey and Matt made this special commercial. 


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