Jun 292016
This Is What Happens When You Forget To Close The Sun Roof In A Car Wash

Every time you go for a car wash, the attendant or robot tells you put the car in neutral and roll up your windows. Most of us double check to make sure the windows are closed. Sadly, this driver did not make sure. Splash!


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Jun 292016
Busy Intersection With No Traffic Lights Or Signs Is Your Commute Nightmare

Los Angeles is already famous for having some of the worst traffic in the country. Somehow, adam palya discovered a busy intersection that has no traffic lights or signs. It’s a pure nightmare. The fact that there aren’t constant accidents is surprising.


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Jun 262016
Jay Leno Rolls Over After Riding On Back Wheels With Stunt Driver

Comedian and famous late night Jay Leno is a well known lover of cars. He has one of the biggest collection of unique and exotic cars in the world. On his car show, Leno’s Garage, Jay went for a ride on the back wheels of a 2,500 HP car with legendary stunt driver Bob Riggle. Just his luck, this was only the second accident 80 year old Bob has ever had over his 50 years of racing. 


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Jun 252016
New ‘Blank’ Blackbird Car Will Change Car Commercials Forever

Car ads have been made the same way for decades. Then came CGI. But now, CGI is about to change for the better. Millchannel has invented a new Blackbird car that is a vehicle that can be virtually painted after taping to become any car. 


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Jun 242016
Nicest Good Samaritan Ever Helps Stranded Motorist On Highway

Most of us don’t even think about stopping when we see a car pulled over on the highway. Usually, you only have seconds before you pass them, and most of us don’t know enough about cars to help in the first place. 

But Uncle Mullet is not most of us. The kind good Samaritan loves helping others and knows enough about cars to actually fix the problem. In this video, he, and many others kind strangers, helps a woman whose minivan broke down on the highway on an extremely hot day. We need more people like this guy. 


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