Feb 072012

These days, consumers don’t even think twice before downing some neon colored soft drink or super preserved junk food. But people might act different if they need how all that junk food is digested as oppose to healthier alternatives. Stefani Bardin wanted to show this, and she conducted an experiment with special camera pills that show your digestion. Her two week old video just went viral now, being viewed 50,000 in the past three days. 


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Nov 292011

 conducted a simple social art experiment. They left a couple disposable cameras around in a box that said, ‚take a photo.‘ Then they hid video cameras recording their ‚traps.‘ A few random people walking by were curious enough to check it out and take a few snaps.   


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Nov 132011

How do you make a doggie cam? Simple. Just attached a camera, in this case a GoPro HD, to a stick, and throw it to your dog. The effects are very odd, and gives us a very strange view of our furry friend.  


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Okt 162011

Ever wonder what life looks like from the perspective of a dog? Well, even if you didn’t, here’s your answer. When you’re a short Pug, you have to look up to see everything. But people also stop and look down at how precious you are. 


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Okt 152011

This video going viral in Germany and on Gizmodo features a brand new ball camera. The ball is outfitted with 36 mini cameras, and when the user throws the ball in the air, the ball takes a full panorama photo at its highest point that can be viewed on a computer. Very cool. 


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