Dez 022013
The Bullying Social Experiment

Bullying has become a serious issue in our society, but no one seems to know how to fix it.

Fousey TUBE wanted to see if anyone would step in to stop a victim on campus being bullied in action, so he set up the bullying experiment.

He was disappointed to discover that most people kept their head down and scurried off, or worse, simply recorded the bullying on their phone. That’s not helping. 


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Nov 082013
Businessman Being Bullied At The Office French PSA

Bullying is not just an American phenomenon. It is an issue around the globe. 

To demonstrate just how destructive and oppressive bullying can be for a kid and teen, French TouTube channel Administrateur France TV commissioned this powerful PSA portraying child-style bullying at the business office. 

Really makes you think. 

Mad World by Gary Jules fits perfectly. 


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Feb 212013

Poet Shane Koyczan’s new To This Day Project has instantly gone viral. Like countless adults, Shane relives his dark childhood on a daily basis in his own mind. He doesn’t want another person to bullied like he was, so he has started this new project to spread the word.

And the word is being spread. In just two days, the poem video To This Day has garnered over 1.25 million views

Shane plans on publishing a new poem once a month. Sign up here


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Okt 022012

Jennifer Livingston is a local CBS news anchor, and recently, bullies and critics have taken to Facebook to mock and degrade her for being overweight. 

Well, Jennifer wasn’t going to let the bullies win, and went on a beautiful rant standing up to all bullies across the country. Her speech has instantly caught fire after being quickly showcased by Ellen DeGeneres, UpWorthy, and Reddit.


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Sep 132012

There’s no question America has a deep bully epidemic. Instead of being a place of safety and learning, our schools have become torture chambers for victims of severe bullying. 

One victim of such extreme bullying tactics was Jillian Jensen, who endured years of abuse from her peers throughout school. But she always looked up to music for support.  

The HuffingtonPost reports Jillian even got a ’stay strong‘ tattoo on her wrist just like her Idol, Demi Lovato has.

But after years of abuse, she finally made it onto the stage of the X Factor. Jillian Jensen sang Jessie J’s Who You Are, and brought the judges to tears. 

After the performance Demi even said, „When you sang, you broke my heart. I can’t wait for the bullies at home to see this.“ 

Even the ‚mean old‘ Simon Cowell reportedly couldn’t hold back his tears. 

Now Jillian has become a viral star, and is showcased on Today, PerezHilton, MostWatched, Examiner, and PopCrush.


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