Sep 122013
College Bro Catches Fish Using His Hair As Line

While enjoying the last bit of summer as school swings into full gear, Cabot Phillips and his Liberty University friends performed the unthinkable.

Fishing using one’s hair as the fishing line!

Surprisingly, after tying a fishing hook to the end of Jake’s long hair, Jake simply lowered his biological fishing line to the lake and in no time caught a decent sized fish

Time for a fish fry!


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Sep 192012

Now that the NFL season is finally back in full swing, football videos have begun to trend. This fantastic compilation published by  last year is already popular, and has gone viral again after being featured on Reddit

Brian Cushing, inside linebacker for the Houston Texans, knows he’s wearing a microphone, but obviously, he doesn’t really care. He wants the whole world to know what kind of person he truly is. 

Take note, this is all from just one game. 

„This a grown dog’s game. Ain’t no puppies out here. Ain’t no puppies out here today!



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Mrz 222012

One of YouTube’s most famous artist, , just published his latest mock music video and has instantly gone viralviral. MTV tried to market on the idea of a ‚bromance‘ with a TV show that quickly flopped, but Nigahiga seems to have no problem raking in the millions of views for his bromance music video. 


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Feb 072012

After meeting their new roommate, two old friends debate how to properly stereotype him. One calls his a Bro, as „he has more supplements than GNC.“ The other points out that „his glasses don’t even have a prescription.“ He’s either a Bro or a Hipster, he can’t be both! The video is featured by BroBible and JPMoore.


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Nov 152011

This very ‚Bro‘ video was posted in August, but just went viral now thanks to being posted on Break. A fast beer drinker bets his Hooters waitress he can chug his beer in a few seconds for a kiss. When he succeeds and she goes to kiss his cheek, he quickly turns and steals a kiss on the lips. He pulls off his heist multiple times, and the waitresses each react in their own funny and/or pissed of ways. 


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