Nov 162015
Malcolm In The Middle Trailer Inspired By Breaking Bad

Before Bryan Cranston was Walter White, the chemistry teacher gone rogue that we all know and love from Breaking Bad, he was Hal. You know, the father from the hilarious sitcom Malcolm In The Middle. To promote the fact that they replaying the classics, Comedy Central UK made this perfect trailer from Malclom In The Middle with a Breaking Bad spin


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Jul 112015
Bryan Cranston Drops Yo Mama Joke On Teen From Albuquerque At Comic Con

On day one of Nerd hq 2015 during Comic-Con, fans had the opportunity to ask celebrities questions. One teen from Albuquerque, New Mexico asked Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston what it was like to work and live in his home town for so long during the taping of the show. „Did you have fun there?,“ he asked.  

Bryan brilliantly answered, „Ya, I’d go and visit your mother every once in a while,“ and dropped his mic to the cheers of the audience. Countless copies of this clip have gone viral with millions of views this weekend!


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Feb 022015
Weight Watchers Super Bowl Commercial

One Breaking Bad commercial is already trending, and now this Weight Watchers commercial which aired during the Superbowl is creating a buzz online. In the ad, the narrator, who many believe is Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, offers viewers countless ways to get baked, glazed, or fried. He comforts listeners that they can stop at stop at anytime and they are always in control. Of course, he is comparing food to other addictive vices. The videography simply dazzles the eyes. 


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Feb 012015
Walter White Works As A Pharmacist in Esurance Super Bowl Commercial

What if you walked into your local pharmacy to pick up a prescription only to find you regular pharmacist wasn’t there. Instead, it was Break Bad kingpin Walter White complete in his bio-hazard cooking suit?  

That’s what Esurance imagined in their Super Bowl commercial which is trending after the game. 


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Nov 162014
Do You Want To Build A Meth Lab Frozen Breaking Bad Parody

The Internet nerds of Animeme have proved that you don’t have to be on time to go viral. On the contrary, if you spoof a popular meme or fad after the excitement has waned you are more likely to get noticed. So even though Breaking Bad and Frozen have both passed their peak, this hilarious parody music video merging the two franchises, titled Do You Want To Build A Meth Lab, has instantly gone viral this weekend. 


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