Mrz 052015
Boyfriend Performs Wrestling Moves On His Girlfriend In The Pool

What could possibly be more fun than playing in the pool? How about performing wrestling throws and slams on your girlfriend in the pool? Joe Weller did just that and then edited in authentic professional wrestling announcing. 

The resulting video has instantly gone viral with over 3 million views already!


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Feb 182015
Guys Read Each Other’s Texts To Their Girlfriends

The way most guys text their girlfriends is no doubt different than the way they text their buddies. Most guys would be embarrassed if their friends saw what they said to their girlfriends. That’s why Elite Daily had guys read each other’s text to their girlfriends. 

This humorous video has gone viral with over 1.75 million views


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Nov 212013
‘I Cheated On You’ Prank Backfires On Boyfriend

Prankster Roman Atwood tried to pull a fast one on his girlfriend, but in the end he was the one to nearly have a heart attack. 

On their fifth anniversary, Roman put on a serious face, and confessed to Britney that he cheated on her

But Britney saw Roman set up the hidden camera, so she gave him a taste of his own medicine, and told him she also cheated. 

Girlfriend win!

Some question the authenticity of the video. What do you think? Real or fake?


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Feb 202013

30 Pound Man published this video back in May, but it only went viralviral now after being featured on Reddit. Subsequently, the video has been featured on BuzzFeed, CBSNews, and Mashable, and now it stands with over a quarter million new views!

After she had to put her ten year old Beagle to sleep, YouTuber 30 Pound Man’s girlfriend was obviously crushed. She understandably couldn’t stop crying. 

To help mend her heart and soul, the Internet’s boyfriend of the week surprised her with an adorable pug puppy


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Dez 032012

 features YouTube’s craziest couple who have an ongoing prank war between themselves that’s been going on for years. Viewers love how the couple keeps one-upping each other’s prank, but this time, Jesse may have gone too far. 

While picking up sushi dinner, he purchased some of the hottest hot pepper extract on the market, and added a couple drops to Jeana’s fish. 

Almost immediately after eating a piece, Jeana feels the heat. And that’s only the beginning. Quickly, the prank goes from funny to serious as she almost falls into a fit of shock from the powerful pepper sauce. 

Jesse is lucky she didn’t off him later that night as retribution, but after putting sand in his sandwich, maybe it was called for…

One thing’s for sure, these two are gonna need a lot of couple’s therapy in the years to come. 


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