Apr 022016
Crushing A Bowling Ball And Pin With Giant Hydraulic Press

The Web’s newest strange obsession, Hydraulic Press Channel, is back with another crazy clip for the weekend. This time, the crew crushes a bowling ball and pin. The way the bowling ball pops is now what you’d expect. 


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Nov 082015
Throwing A Bowling Ball At A Ramp While Driving Fast Is A Bad Idea

Ryan Gifford discovered this older video before the digital age of a silly mistake he and his brother made back when they were young and foolish. Someone had the ingenious idea to throw a bowling ball at a ramp while driving fast to see how far they could launch the heavy ball. What happened next really isn’t that surprising. This video was posted over a year ago, but is trending now more than ever. 


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Okt 182015
Mind Blowing Bowling Trick Somehow Swerves Around Pins

Most of us can barely hit the last two pins standing to score a spare in bowling. But bowling master Mikelong300 is not your average bowler. In this trending clip, he demonstrates one of his best bowling trick shots in which he hits the last two pins standing after having the bowling ball first swerve around two obstacles on the lane. How’d he do that?!


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Feb 042015
Italian Grandmother Scores Strike On Her First Bowl

Surprising as it may seem, this 84 year old Italian grandmother has never gone bowling before. So when she finally picked up her first bowling ball, Alberto Ascoli made sure to have the camera rolling. The entire family was simply shocked when she scored a strike

No way!


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Dez 312014
Professional Bowler Scores Perfect 300 Game

Professional Bowlers Association player Ronnie Russell threw a perfect game during the semi-final of the PBA Chameleon Championship. On his eleventh throw it looked like one pin might not fall, but luckily another rolled over to knock it down. Only 23 other professionals have bowled a perfect game on TV before him. 


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